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Unstoppable 100

Introducing UNSTOPPABLE100: Celebrating 100 UNSTOPPABLE Women and Girls who are leading and inspiring change around the world.


October 11, 2021

Role Model Magazine is celebrating and shining a light on 100 Unstoppable Women and Girls who are leading and inspiring change around the world. Real-life stories of trailblazing, risk-taking, change making, trendsetting, visionaries, thinkers, builders, dreamers, global leaders, and female role models.

FORWARD by Monique Coleman 

These women reflect the best in us, not the best of us. Their stories’ leave clues. Our hope is that the wisdom within these pages will water the seeds of greatness inside of you and that you will be inspired to step into your own power, make bold moves, and unleash the unstoppable girl that lives inside of you!


Trailblazing Women & Girls Shaping Our World

Angela Summer Namubiru
Kampala, Uganda
Print Model | 
Co - Founder Blacare

Alex Freeman
Orlando, Florida
Actress, entertainer, female singer, and entrepreneur.

Celai West
Sacramento, California
Model, Actress, Activist, Author Youngest Professional Runway Model CEO of @thechattychick

Gabby Anderson
Columbus, Ohio
Student, Athlete , IMG Academy, founder of custom shoe company, Graffiti By Gabby.

Haile Thomas
Wellness + Compassion Activist, Speaker, Content creator, author of "Living Lively."

Jacqueline Means
Wilmington, Delaware
aka "The STEM Queen" : Founder of the Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative.

Kalia Love Jones
Santa Clarita, California
15-year old director of "The Power of Hope" animated short film

Khloe Thompson
Los Angeles, California
14-year-old international philanthropist. Founder her own global non-profit organization called Khloe Kares.

Kynnedy Simone
Cleveland, Ohio
Scholar | Violinist | Steminist Founder of "I heart Cleveland"

Neijae Graham Henries
West Philadelphia
The World’s Youngest Female Barber

Niamani Knight
Santa Clarita, California
19 year Old teen founder of S.T.R.E.A.M. Kids Expo and Co-founder of S.T.R.E.A.M. Global Innovations

Naomi Grace Jones
Bridgeton, New Jersey
Actress ; Singer, Dancer, Entrepreneur; Founder of "The M.I.M.I. Group LLC"

Chef Simone Bridges
Jacksonville, Florida
Award-winning celebrity chef, author, and speaker, founder of Goddess Food Factory

Taylor Moxey
Miami, Florida
Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthropist and Dancer.At eight-years old, Taylor turned a forty-dollar loan into the growing enterprise: Taylor Moxey, LLC.

Natalie Asatryan
Los Angeles, United States
America's Youngest Certified Female Yoga Instructor / teacher, Philanthropist, Artist, and Public speaker

Toyosi Alexis
Beauty, Lifestyle, Wellness. Consulting Brands on accessibility

Claire Coder
Columbus, Ohio
Founder & CEO, Aunt Flow. Forbes 30 Under 30. Thiel Fellow.

Christine Kathurima
Nairobi, Kenya
School Leader, Nova Pioneer, Tatu Primary

Dawn Heideman
Columbus, Ohio
Educator, Founder of Be the One; She is a Jefferson Award winner and a Liberator Award winner.

Takiyah Wallace
Dallas, Texas
Former Educator; Current Non Profit Leader, Forever Creative Founder Brown Girls do Ballet

Stella Villalba Columbus, Ohio
EL Teacher Leader
Dublin City Schools

Samara Tillman
Columbus, Ohio

Founder, Dance Elite Performance Academy  

Sanah Jivani '
Spring, Texas
Community Leader and Philanthropist, founder and CEO of the Love Your Natural Self Foundation,

Achea Redd
Columbus, Ohio
Author and Founder Real Girls F.A.R.T Breaking Mental Health Stigmas,

Takiyah Wallace
Dallas, Texas
Former Educator; Current Non Profit Leader, Forever Creative Founder Brown Girls do Ballet

Davinia James- Stewart
Silver Spring, Maryland
Proud founder of Pennies4Girls, a Girls’ Education Rights Activist & a Global Citizen living in Maryland, USA.

Khadija Gbla
Adelaide, Australia
Cultural Consultant, Keynote speaker an anti-FGM campaigner and award winning human rights activist from Sierra Leone.

Tatiyahna Davis
Columbia, South Carolina
Rockstar Cheer Beatles 18-20, 2X World Champ - Cancer Survivor

Fitriya Mohamed
Toronto, Canada
Graduate student, Basketball player and activist for Muslim women in sports; Founder and Executive Director of MWSBL

Loza Abera
Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia
The only female player in her hometown of Durame, Abera started playing football at the age of six.

Samantha "Sam" Gordan
Salt Lake City, Utah
American football and soccer player

Anne Wafula Strike
Wheelchair Racer / Founder, Olympia- Wafula Foundation

Taylor Rae Almonte
Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn based Afro-Latina actor, athlete & activist. A- Founder Activ-ism

Sara-Quita Offringa\
Professional Windsurfer/ 20X World Champion

Thuli Zuli
Johannesburg’ , South Africa
Executive Board Member | Founder & CEO | Entrepreneur | Communication Media Specialist , founder of CREA8 International;

Alissa Henry
Columbus, Ohio
Mom, wife, and living the life in the Midwest. TV News Reporter Lottery Game Show Host

Barabara Majeski
Princeton, New Jersey Nationally recognized TV personality and lifestyle expert with regular features on the TODAY Show, Inside Edition, Good Day New York

Lynn Ngugi
Nairobi, Kenya
Content Creator | Producer | Host; Lynn Ngugi Show; Inspire Global Tales of Wanjiku

Kristin Smith
Los Angeles, CA  CEO, Television Host | Media Coach | Non-profit Director ; Currently a Sports Anchor/Reporter for CBS Los Angeles

Melanie Williams - Bowers
Detroit, Michigan
Multi-award winning public relations practitioner. CEO Guru Public Relations, Events and Concierge

Dominique Jackson
Columbus, Ohio
Journalist - Paid off Debt To Travel ; Founder of Travel Blog; Girl Around the Globe

Debbie Rigaud
Columbus, Ohio
New York Times Best Selling Author ; Author, Hope Series, Truly Madly Royally and Simone Breaks All the Rules

Romina Garber
Miami, Florida Novelist, New York Times and international bestselling author whose books include Lobizona & the ZODIAC series.

Cassidy Murray Athens, Greece
International speaker, refugee advocate, world explorer, and filmmaker

Carlotta Penn, PhD
Columbus, Ohio Education and Diversity Leader. Children's Lit Publisher and Author.

Barbara Fant
Columbus, Ohio
Award-Winning Poet, Voice Over Talent, Host & Corporate & Nonprofit Storyteller

Sara Abou Rashed
Columbus, Ohio Palestinian- American Poet, Speaker and Storyteller

Brayshawna Bates
Orlando, Florida
Walt Disney World

Angela Rockwood
Los Angeles, California
American model and actress, best known for roles in the syndicated television series V.I.P. and for her reality Television series Push Girls

Abigal Martina
The Netherlands
Gospel singer, songwriter and composer in the Netherlands

Habida Moloney
Nairobi, Kenya Living in the UK Musician, performer, Actress and an empowerment advocate and speaker.

April Sunami
Columbus, Ohio
Professional visual artist primarily focusing on mixed-media painting and installation

Cece Meadows
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Proudly Indigenous founder and CEO of Pradosbeauty

Candace M. Read
Columbus, Ohio
Lifestyle atelier built on the belief that living a well-fashioned life is not only how you dress for your day, but also how you sustain your soul.

Connie Alouch
Nairobi, Kenya Award Winning Fashion Stylist and Fashion Entrepreneur, Founder of Connie Aluoch Styling Management.

Ingrid Valeriano
El-Salvador, Central America
Founder/ Designer
Lula Mena

Melissa Hibbert
Los Angeles, California Strategic Beauty Consultant and the Founder of SHYFT Beauty

Stella McWhirter  
Sunnyvale, California
Fashion Stylist and Blogger at

Celeste Malvar-Stewart
Columbus, Ohio
: Fashion and Fibre Artist

Paris McGowan
St. Louis, Missouri Retail Sales Associate at Harley-Davidson Motor Company First African American Technician Harley -Davidson

Bianca Piloseno
Baltimore, Maryland
Materials Engineer at Northrop Grumman - CrossFIT Coach at Revamped Fitness

Dr Tola T’Sarumi
Boston, Massachusetts Licensed Psychiatrist and Emotional Wellness Strategist

Dr. Sophio Auma Oomo
Covington Louisiana and Kenya
Practicing Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck surgeon, a philanthropist, founder of the Blooming Lily foundation and the owner and designer of odAOMO, a Kenya-based fashion label.

Kyra Kim
Pasadena, California Founder / Scientist / Geo Science

Maruska Strah
Vienna, Austria Executive Director, World Space Week

Sharon Caples McDougle
La Porte, Tx Former Shuttle Crew Equipment (CEE) Spacesuit Technician/ Crew Chief Manager
Author and Speaker (Suit Up with Shay, LLC)

Sabrina Thompson
Artist, NASA Engineer, Scientist, Creator of GIRL IN SPACE

Irene Koki Mutungi
Nairobi, Kenya
Professional pilot in Kenya, First female on the African continent to become certified as a Captain of the Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" aircraft. She flies for Kenya Airways, the national airline of Kenya.

Sasha Alston
Washington, Dc
President of Sasha Ariel Ventures LLC.

Judge Lasheyl Stroud
Columbus, Ohio
Judge at Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Division of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Branch

Columbus, Ohio
Youngest sitting judge in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

Judge Jenifer Brunner
Columbus, Ohio
Serves as one of seven justices of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Judge Laureall Beatty
Columbus, Ohio
Judge at Ohio Tenth District Court of Appeals | Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Advocate

Yevette McGee Brown
Columbus, Ohio
Jones Day Partner-in-Charge of Diversity; practice includes Litigation, Investigations and Appeals; Corporate Director; former Common Pleas Judge and Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio

Bibie Adesioye, Esq.
Columbus, Ohio
Attorney, Immigration and Naturalization Law Former Senior Regulatory Counsel with the U.S. Department Of Health Human Services

Hana Melania Halalele
Oamaru, Waitaki District, New Zealand
Councilor for Waitaki District Council and General Manager for the Oamaru Pacific Island Community Group Inc

Jeni Britton
Columbus, Ohio
Founder, Jeni's Ice cream

Lisa Gutierrez
Columbus, Ohio Founder/ CEO
Dos Hermanos Restuarant and Food Trucks

Sangeeta Lakhani
Columbus, Ohio
Chief Executive Officer; Social Ventures

Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene
Columbus, Ohio
Inventor, 6X founder , keynote speaker.

Kimberly Minor
Columbus, Ohio
CEO Bumbershoot Group/Founder and President Women of Color( WOC) Retail Alliance. Culture Strategist/Women and POC Advocate, Speaker and author.

Chebet Mutai
Nairobi, Kenya Luxury Bag Designer , Founder of Wazi Wazi

Charlotte Hess
Nantucket, MA / Paris, France
She designs women’s sweaters, hats, and scarves for her company Isobel and Cleo (named after her mother and grandmother, neither of whom, ironically, knits)

Alexis Kaple Kemp
Columbus, Ohio
Realtor/Team Lead, KAPLE + CO. of Coldwell Banker Realty Rehabber/Design Specialist, Brick & Keys, Inc.

Eve N Maina
Nairobi, Kenya
Fashion Influencer, Founder ShoeSpace Africa; A well-known brand in Kenya that provides high-quality footwear targeting the mid- to low-end market

Kayla Lockhart
Columbus Ohio
Wife and Mama to four beautiful children; Owner and Founder of Mountain Feather Designs

Kourtney Daniel - Robinson
Atlanta , Georgia
Fashion designer, Marketing consultant, and Creative professional. CEO of an Active wear brand called Kourt Sports LLC

Lubna Najjar
Columbus, Ohio
Jordanian American creative, Designer and founder of Lubna Designs Inc. and IL Moda PR & Brand Development.

Melbourne, Australia
Founder of Choklit dolls: Unique, multicultural, brown skin dolls, representing an array of cultures and nationalities, promoting acceptance and self-worth

Cynthia Willams
Detroit, Michigan
Global Director, Sustainability, Homologation & Compliance Ford

Nichole Barnes Marshall
Losangeles, California
Global Head of Inclusion and Diversity

Dupe Olusola
Lagos, Nigeria
Nigerian business executive. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigeria-based Hospitality company, Transcorp Hotels plc

Janelle N. Coleman
Columbus, Ohio.

President, American Electric Power Foundation and Vice President, Community Engagement, Diversity Inclusion

Melissa Joy Humble
Austin, Texas
Vice President - Global Inside Sales at Elastic

Habibba Bankston
Columbus, Ohio
Sickle Cell Warrior; Executive Director; Dress For Success Columbus

Kelley Griesmer
Columbus, Ohio President and CEO at The Women's Fund of Central Ohio

Elizabeth Brown Columbus, Ohio
President, YWCA Columbus

Sonya Lin Thesing
Columbus, Ohio
Executive Director of Huckleberry House

Vicki Bowen Hewes
Columbus, Ohio
Chief Executive Officer; Social Ventures

Anamaria Perales-Lang
Columbus, Ohio
Mid-west Director
Bell Harbour Management of Ohio

Guadalupe Velazquez
Columbus, Ohio
Managing Director at Welcoming City

Nannette Maciejunes
Granville, Ohio
Executive Director and CEO, Columbus Museum of Art.

Gracie Chick
United Kingdom
Freethinking •Sailor •Writer, spoken word poet .Advocate for young voices •TEDx Speaker 2020 • Co founder - One life - Share it

Olivia Clarke
Columbus, Ohio
Editor, Student, leader and activist in diversity; Author Black Girl, White School

Naomi Grace Jones
Bridgeton, New Jersey
Actress ; Singer, Dancer, Entrepreneur; Founder of "The M.I.M.I. Group LLC"

Sage Belemu
Columbus, Ohio
Young aspiring artist that wants to share her art with the world

Olivia Clarke
Columbus, Ohio
Editor, Student, leader and activist in diversity; Author Black Girl, White School

Sage Belemu
Columbus, Ohio
Young aspiring artist that wants to share her art with the world

Sage Belemu
Columbus, Ohio
Young aspiring artist that wants to share her art with the world

Sage Belemu
Columbus, Ohio
Young aspiring artist that wants to share her art with the world




“I think that there is a lot of inner strength in all of you and in each and every one of us in order to just carry on and and wherever we are, push, push, push.”



“We’ve got one shot at this life, and to not be productive with what we’ve been given, to me, is a travesty.”



“We’ve got one shot at this life, and to not be productive with what we’ve been given, to me, is a travesty.”“You don’t have to be the boss to be a leader. You can be in a leadership role in any seat that you’re sitting in.”