Unstoppable100 : Women & Girls Shaping Our World Coffee Table Book



In this inaugural Unstoppable 100 : Women and Girls shaping our world Coffee Table; Role Model Magazine is celebrating and shining a light on the Real-life stories of trailblazing, risk-taking, change making, trendsetting, visionaries, thinkers, builders, dreamers, global leaders, and female role models from around the world, who are paving the way and leading change for a more equitable future for all .

This book is filled with stories of women and girls who chased down their insecurities, looked fear in the face, and rose from the ashes of their doubts to continuously walk in their purpose. Women who were told no, girls who beat the odds, and countless stories of perseverance, resilience and hope. These women and girls reflect the best in us, not the best of us. Their stories’ leave clues. Our hope is that the wisdom within these pages will water the seeds of greatness inside of you and that you will be inspired to step into your own power, make bold moves, and unleash the unstoppable girl that lives inside of you.

Our goal for Unstoppable 100 Women and girls coffee table book is to ignite hope, inspire, empower and champion every girl, everywhere to be unstoppable on their journey to becoming the decision makers, role models and change makers of the future – giving them the confidence to believe in the power of their dreams and have the courage to boldly purse that which sets their souls on fire.